Join TIWL co-directors Candace Liger, NASM-SPS, CE and Mariah Rooney, MSW, LICSW, along with guest faculty, for our 8-week Trauma Informed Weight Lifting Certificate Program.


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August 27 - October 21, 2023
Applications open in June 2023


This robust program is designed for personal trainers, weight lifting and fitness coaches, physical and health educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists and people actively working with individuals and communities that have experienced trauma, including mental health and other healthcare providers.

"Sometimes trauma is a collective experience, in which case our approaches for mending must be collective and communal as well."

- Resmaa Menakem


Applications Close on January 12, 2024

Program At A Glance

8 Week | 60hr Certificate Program | 1.9 NASM CEU's

The 8-week Trauma Informed Certificate Program explores evidence-based, trauma-informed methodology to support personal trainers, weight lifting and fitness coaches, physical and health educators, athletic trainers, mental health providers, occupational therapists, physical therapists and people actively working with individuals and communities that have experienced trauma.

Participants will gain a strong foundational understanding of trauma and its manifestations along with methods for offering a more inclusive and responsive practice in order to reduce the risk of harm and retraumatization. Participants will also increase their self-awareness as coaches/trainers/providers and develop skills to both promote and facilitate healing for trauma-impacted individuals and groups.

TIWL is a body-first methodology for individuals and groups who have experienced trauma and adversity and does not involve a standard prescriptive sequence, weightlifting movements or one-size-fits-all programming. We believe that such an approach is antithetical to our understanding of complex trauma and the need to be attuned and responsive to the needs of those we work with. Our training programs offer a transformative trauma-informed approach that offers knowledge, strategies and skills to support embodiment, inclusivity, responsivity, autonomy, and collaboration to provide safer and more therapeutic experiences for clients and athletes.

Trauma Informed Weight Lifting is committed to principles of practice that incorporate anti-oppressive and anti-racist frameworks (Do Less Harm) and values as well as trauma-informed and healing justice frameworks and values (Then Do Good).

Participants will:

  • Learn the neurophysiological, psychological and emotional impacts of traumatic experiences and how they may manifest in weight lifting and fitness
  • Learn about the theory and research behind weight lifting as an adjunctive treatment for trauma survivors
  • Increase self-awareness as coaches/trainers/providers and develop skills to facilitate collaborative healing
  • Develop an understanding of specific trauma-informed considerations for building and maintaining safety in fitness/gym spaces
  • Learn how personal biases, fitness culture norms, and learned perspectives may support or hinder a client’s progress
  • Review current business practices, marketing, language, and process from a trauma-informed lens
  • Examine the influences of systemic trauma, intersectionality, and mainstream fitness culture on the weight lifting community
  • Develop harm reduction and accountability strategies to support trauma-informed weight lifting
  • Developing trauma-informed strategies, programming considerations, communication, cueing, and processes to support clients/athletes
  • Learn how to center consent within interactions while reinforcing and respecting boundaries.

The program is completely online; no in-person attendance is required. It is comprised of live sessions along with self-study over the course of 8 weeks. This is not a self-paced course. 

Important Dates

Program Dates: January 31, 2024- March 20, 2024

All Applications Open: December 1, 2023

Scholarship Applications Close: December 31, 2023

All Applications Close: January 12, 2024

Program Dates: January 31st - March 20th

Live Training Times: Every Wed @ 4:30pm - 7:00pm pst / 7:30pm -10:00pm est

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